Facility Improvement Projects


North Portwalk & Seawall Reconstruction

1. Repair the marina seawall and replace the Portwalk with a sustainably designed surface.
2. Increase public enjoyment and usability of Port property.

Project Description: A 2020 feasibility study illustrated the need to rebuild the marina seawall, the main support system for the northern, wood-plank portion of the Edmonds promenade. Referred to locally as the Portwalk, this popular walking route stretches from the Edmonds Public Fishing Pier in the north, down to the Marina Beach Park in the south. The Portwalk, which meanders through the Port of Edmonds Marina and the Mary Lou Block Public Plaza, provides direct access to the water for residents and visitors.

This project focuses on repairing the marina seawall and implementing public access features such as new lighting, landscaping, railings, and security gates. The new Portwalk surface will be walker and stroller friendly; the cement and glass block design allows light to pass through to the water below. Current plans also include the development of a new public plaza and public restrooms. Public input gathered in 2019 guided design decisions.


Timeline: Engineering, design and permitting underway. Construction estimated to begin in 2024.

Funding: The Port of Edmonds is currently seeking state and federal grants, cooperative agreements, and cost-share funding to support the project’s financial requirements. Estimated project cost: $20,000,000.

LEED Certified Port Administration & Maintenance Building

1. Build a certified LEED home for Port administration offices and Port maintenance needs.

Project Description: The Port administrative and maintenance offices will move across the street to a newly constructed, environmentally-conscious building.

The two-story building will house approximately 12,000 sf of work and rental space. Port administration offices and the Commission room will be located on the second floor; maintenance facilities, including equipment storage, will be located on the first floor.


The current administration building, located at 336 Admiral Way, will be the site of a new public plaza and public restroom facility, constructed as part of the Port’s North Portwalk project that aims to improve public access.

Timeline: Engineering, design and permitting completed. Construction began in August 2022 and is expected to be completed by October of 2023.

Funding: The Port will use capital replacement reserves to fund this project. Estimated project cost: $8,000,000 – $9,000,000.