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Tenants may request service by appointment only, daily from 7am to 5pm.

Boat move appointments are required between 7 am and 3 pm, with the final time slot being 2:45 pm.

The last two hours of the day, from 3 pm to 5 pm, are first-come, first-served.

To schedule your appointment, please call 206-940-1348, and our crew will be happy to add you to the schedule.

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The Port’s dry storage facility has 224 spaces and 51 trailer parking spots, featuring call-ahead launch service, wash-down area, variable seasonal rates, and tenant reward programs! Call us at 425-673-2015 or 206-940-1348 to schedule a time to sign-up.

Port of Edmonds Dry Storage
Port of Edmonds Dry Storage

206.940.1348 Call or Text

425.673.2015 Call Only



To stay current with Port information, upcoming events, and emergency notifications, we offer the following communication platforms.

  • Email: Please ensure that your account features a current contact email
  • Newsletter: Enroll online to receive our newsletters
  • Texting Service: Sign up online to receive emergency text updates from the Port regarding power outages, closures, access restrictions, and other impactful events. Check the ‘Port Events’ box for occasional updates about Port happenings!


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During Summer months, the tide will drop to extreme levels, which impact the usage of the launch. Typically service is only affected 1.5 hours before and after a low tide. Please call to confirm the status of the dry storage launch and if service has been impacted by low tides at 206-940-1348.


2021 Summer Low Tide Alerts

Date Time Low
28th 12:34 PM -2.5
29th 1:19 PM -3
30th 2:07 PM -2.9
1st 2:59 PM -2.3
25th 10:44 AM -2.3
26th 11:27 AM -3.3
27th 12:11 PM -3.9
28th 12:58 PM -3.9
29th 1:47 PM -3.4
30th 2:37 PM -2.4
23rd 10:22 AM -3.2
24th 11:08 AM -3.9
25th 11:54 AM -4
26th 12:41 AM -3.7
27th 1:29 AM -3
21st 9:16 AM -2.4
22nd 10:05 AM -3
23rd 10:53 AM -3.3
24th 11:40 AM -3.2
25th 12:26 PM -2.8

Our Dry Storage racks can accommodate powerboats ranging from 18ft – 32ft. Additionally, our facility can accept various sizes of boat trailers for monthly storage.

Have questions? Want to sign up or learn more? Please contact us at 425-673-2015 / 206-940-1348 or send an email to ds@portofedmonds.org. We look forward to hearing from you!