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30 Ways to Love the Ocean


  • Be an ocean-friendly pet owner and clean up after your pet. Pet waste can pollute water with bacteria and parasites. If pet waste finds its way to natural bodies of water, it can promote the flowering of unwanted algae and weeds and cause chemical reactions that may negatively affect wildlife.
  • Avoid products containing microbeads. While microbeads are currently being phased out of all US beauty products thanks to the Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015, these plastic particles known to harm aquatic animals can still be found in some products.
  • Leave no trace at the beach. Be sure to pack out everything you have brought with you to the beach.
  • Buy ocean-friendly products. Avoid products produced through unsustainable or environmentally harmful methods. For example, avoid cosmetics containing shark squalene and jewelry made of coral or sea turtle shell.


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